How To Find Router IP Address On Android/iPhone/Mac/Windows?

Find Router IP Address: An IP address is like a special code given to every device linked to the internet. It helps them talk to each other online. There are two important functions: it suggests which devices are used and in which they are.

There are two kinds of IP addresses. In one kind, referred to as IPv4, it seems like this: 192.Zero.2.1. In another kind, known as IPv6, it is far a bit longer and looks as if this: 2001:db8:0:1234:0:567:7:1. Authority (IANA) and five other groups keep track of all these IP addresses. They give them out to different companies and people who want to use the internet. The old type, IPv4, had limits on how many codes it could give out. So, a new type, IPv6, was made to have more codes available.

Kinds of IP Addresses

IP addresses come in two main types: public and private.

Public IP Addresses

These are special addresses used for talking with others on the big internet. When you’re at home, your internet company gives your home network a public IP address. It lets your devices chat with others online. Usually, these addresses change sometimes to keep everything safe from bad people trying to hack in.

Private IP Addresses

These are special addresses used within private networks, like those set aside by rules or certain address types in local or small-scale networks. Private IP addresses help devices talk to each other inside a private network. They can not be used to talk immediately over the internet. Examples of personal IP addresses are,, and in IPv4, and one of a kind formats in IPv6.

Importance of Finding Router’s IP Address 

Significance in Network Configuration 

Understanding your router’s IP address is really important for setting up your internet connection. It helps you make your internet work better for you. When you know your router’s IP address, you can get into its settings and change things to make your internet safer and faster. You can do things like adding passwords to keep your internet safe, checking which devices are connected to your internet, and making changes to how your internet works.

Helping with fixing problems

Knowing your router’s IP address is really important when you’re trying to fix issues with your internet. If things aren’t working right, like if the internet is slow or keeps cutting out, being able to get into your router’s settings using its IP address helps you figure out and fix these problems quickly. You can do things like check for updates, change network settings, and find out if something else is causing trouble for your network by using your router’s IP address.

Improving Network Safety

Knowing your router’s IP address is super important for keeping your network safe. By checking and controlling your router’s settings often using its IP address, you can make it safer. You can do things like putting up walls of protection, making strong passwords, and stopping people who shouldn’t be getting in. Doing these things ahead of time helps keep your stuff safe from bad internet stuff that might try to get at it.

How to find Router’s IP Address 

Knowing your router’s IP address is important for getting to its setup page and adjusting its settings. It acts as the main gateway for all gadgets on your network. 

On Windows 

Users can use the Command Prompt, Control Panel, or Settings app. These are all used to find your router’s IP address on Windows. The IP address is called the Default Gateway.

In the Command Prompt, just open it, type “ipconfig” and press Enter. Your router’s IP address will appear next to “Default Gateway“.

Open it in the Control Panel and click “View network status and services” under “Network and Internet“. Next, find the “Default Gateway” for your network connection.

On Mac

To find your Wi-Fi router’s IP address:

  • Click the Apple icon.
  • Select ‘System Settings.’
  • Click ‘Network.’
  • Choose your Wi-Fi network.
  • Click ‘Details.’
  • You’ll see your router’s IP address next to ‘Router.’

Using Terminal App:

  • Open the Terminal app.
  • Type ‘netstat -nrgrep default‘ and press Enter.
  • Your router’s IP address will appear in the output.”

On Android

  • For customized interfaces, access the advanced settings, select the TCP/IP tab, and find the IP address.

On iPhone, iPad, and Android devices

  • Access your device’s network or internet options, look for terms like “Router” or “Gateway,” and you will find your router’s IP address.

In the networking world, a default gateway is an IP address that traffic gets sent to when it’s bound for a destination outside the current network. On most home and small business networks, the router’s IP address serves as the default gateway for all devices on your network.

Tips for Finding Router’s IP Address 

Default Gateway Significance

The default gateway plays a crucial role in connecting devices to the internet. It is the IP address of the router that connects your devices to the internet. When a device on your network wants to access resources outside of the local network, it sends data packets to the default gateway. The default gateway then forwards these packets to their destination on the internet.

Ease of Use

Router manufacturers often choose easily remembered default gateways for their devices. This consistency makes it simpler for users to manage their networks. For instance, many routers use IP addresses within the 192.168.x.x range.  It is easy to remember and provides ample address space for most home networks. This familiarity across product lines allows users to navigate router settings with ease, even if they switch to a different router model or brand.


In conclusion, knowing how to find your router’s IP address is super important for setting up and looking after your network. Just follow the steps for your device, like using Command Prompt on Windows or System Preferences on a Mac, and you can quickly find it. This helps you access your router’s settings, fix network problems, and make your network work better. Don’t forget, the default gateway is definitely critical for connecting gadgets to the internet, and router businesses make it clean to not forget by the usage of similar IP addresses. Now that you know this, you can optimistically deal with your network and ensure it is safe and works well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I find my internet box’s address on my phone?

Answer: Yes, you can find your internet box’s address on your phone. For Android phones, go to the advanced settings and find the TCP/IP tab. On iPhones, iPads, and other phones, check the network or internet settings to find the internet box’s address.

Question: What are the benefits of finding router’s IP address 

Answer: Understanding your router’s IP address is really helpful. It lets you get into its setup page. Then, you can change things like security, networks, and devices. Plus, it helps fix any problems with your network. You can also update its software to make it better. And you can make your network safer with things like firewalls and strong passwords.

Question: Can users change their router’s IP address?

Answer: Yes, users can change their router’s IP address using its settings. First, go to the router’s settings page using its current IP address. Then, find the network settings and change the IP address. Make sure to follow the instructions from the manufacturer and pick a new IP address that won’t cause any network problems.

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