Lpb Piso Wifi, Login, Admin, Password 2024!

Lpb piso wifi is a company in the Philippines that provides coin-operated wi-fi hotspot machines. These machines are a popular way for people to access the internet in areas where additional broadband internet is unavailable or expensive.  

Apart from this, lpb piso wifi offers a number of benefits, including – affordability, convenience and flexibility. 

Lpb Piso Wifi LPB Piso Wifi is a common private IP address used by several router brands including lpb piso wifi. It acts as the default gateway for the router. 

But many people often search for “ lbp piso wifi” instead of “ lpb piso wifi” and encounter errors. 

So, the reason for that is “ lbp piso wifi” is an incorrect username. 

LPB Piso Wifi Pause Time

Lpb piso wifi pause time is the feature provided by the company to pause the wi-fi access. 

You can do that by following these steps – 

  • Go to any search engine and type in “” in the search bar to go to lpb piso wifi pause time login page. 
  • Wait until the portal opens and then just tap on the “pause time” button. 

That’s it. 

Lpb piso wifi pause time check steps are also the same as mentioned above. You just need to go to the portal, log in, and then you can check the time. 

LPb Piso Wifi Login

Logging in to the lpb piso wifi portal is simple. Just do this – 

  • Go to the lpb piso wifi admin page. For this, you can type or on Google or any other search engine. 
  • Then a login page will open up. There, you need to enter the details – your lpb piso wifi password and username.
  • After that, just click on login. 

LPB Piso Wifi Setup

The setup for inserting money is different from vendo customers and vendo owners. 

Steps for customers – 

  • Connect to the lpb piso wifi network and search for “” on any search engine.
  • Tap on “insert money.” 
  • After inserting the money, just click the “done playing” option. 

Steps for vendo owners – 

  • Connect to the wi-fi and then go to “” page. 
  • Enter your credentials and tap sign in. 

Voucher Generator

To get access to lpb piso wifi unlimited time, it is important to have a voucher code. To get one, the steps are – 

  • Move to the voucher generator page and then hit the “voucher generator” option. 
  • Fill in the price and other details. 
  • Click Generate. That’s all. 

Wi-fi Speed Limit

  • Go to the network menu. There, you can find the speed limiter option. Go to it. 
  • Set the speed limits and save changes. 
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