Piso Wifi Pause Time Machine, Ado & LPB Admin Login!

Today the Internet is not just limited to requirement but a necessity. We need the Internet for personal use, business work, studies, etc. But do you feel that everyone can afford the expense of internet service? There are many people, especially in the Philippines and nearby areas, where the Internet is only affordable to some. So, to help such people with limited charges, the Internet is available through piso wifi. Yes, using Piso Wifi, one can quickly get an option to enter credentials and make the Internet accessible at a limited cost. Piso Wifi Pause Time

What is piso wifi?

What is piso wifi

Piso wifi is quite common in the Philippines, so the name is inherited from there. Piso is similar to “peso“, which means their currency and wifi means Internet. Many people in the country are not financially stable enough to have their Internet, so with the help of piso wifi, they can get an option to use other’s Internet connection. The whole process also helps people get some earnings from their personal Internet as extra data can be shared and income.

So, the piso wifi is helpful for both people, one who can afford the Internet and one who cannot make it. It is one of the new types of business in the Philippines that gives people to stay connected with the Internet even with a minimum spend.

How does piso wifi work?

The piso wifi is operated by the coin vending machine, where the user and admin have their own rules. Users and admins have their roles, so the working also differs. So, let’s check how the piso wifi is helping people and making the Internet accessible for everyone.


  1. First, the user must connect with their device’s piso wifi network. But make sure the requirements are fulfilled to access the Internet.
  2. Next, go to the browser and enter 10.0.0..1 in the browser’s address bar. The browser must be compatible with AdoPsioWifi to access the network.
  3. Users need to enter the network name key, allowing them to log in.
  4. It will bring a new webpage where users will find the option saying “Insert coin“. The user needs to tap the option, and it will also have a beep as a notification.
  5. Once the user puts the coin, it gets detected by the machine and the device is verified to get access to the Internet.


10.0.1 Login
  • The user needs to have a connection to the Internet and credentials to log in to the system.
  • Admins need to open the piso wifi portal and enter admin on the browser.
  • It will have the option to log in to the system; clicking on it will ask you to enter a username and password.
  • It will also have a captcha which needs to be entered, and it is to verify if the person logging the system is a bot or real.
  • The admin can set the system and start earning from it.

What is the basic requirement for piso wifi?

People living in the Philippines and unable to afford an internet connection can look out for piso wifi. But there are specific requirements that are to be fulfilled to get access to the Internet, which are mentioned below:

  • There is a need for a stable internet connection on the device you will use for accessing the Internet.
  • Users must have purchased or paid for the Internet to get access to the Internet.
  • The internet web browser of the device must be compatible with the ado piso wifi, as is the software which enables the working.

Default Username & Passwords

These are the Default Username & Passwords for the routers that works actually:-

Default UsernameDefault Password
(blank)Printer on router

If above password and username are not working, then you can try using the default logins as per your router brand. Here: – 

Router BrandUsername Password
LBP piso wifiadminadministrator123456789admin1234 Piso WiFi Voucher Code

A voucher code is a special code given by the Vendo machine or sold by a place, which lets the user connect to its network. Users put this code into the login page to start using the internet.You can get these codes from the service provider, sometimes for free.

What is Vendo Machine

A Vendo Machine is the device that takes payments (coins or bills) and gives out internet access vouchers. These machines connect to a local router. Businesses and places like malls use them to offer on-the-spot internet access to visitors and customers.

WiFi Vendo

WiFi Vendo is the vending machine part of the Piso WiFi system. These machines give internet access in exchange for coins or voucher codes. Users put coins in the machine, which gives a voucher code for a set time or amount of data.

How to Use a Piso WiFi Voucher Code?

Using a voucher code with Piso WiFi is easy:

  • Connect to WiFi: Connect your device to its network.
  • Open a Web Browser: Type in your browser’s address bar.
  • Enter the Code: Enter your voucher code on the portal page.
  • Start Browsing: Once the code is accepted, you can use the internet for the time your voucher allows.

Benefits of Using Piso WiFi Voucher Codes

  • Saves Money: Voucher codes offer cheaper or sometimes free internet.
  • Flexible: You can buy vouchers as you need them.
  • Helps Everyone: Piso WiFi brings the internet to more people, even in rural or low-income areas.

Some Specialities about Piso Wifi 

Here are some specialities about this Advanced WiFi. These all give a guidance to understand it completely: is a private IP address used as the default gateway for routers, especially those offering public WiFi like Piso WiFi systems. This address lets users access the router’s admin panel to manage network settings. To get to the router’s settings, open a web browser and type in the address bar. You’ll be asked to log in using the admin credentials provided by your router’s maker.

WiFi Network

A WiFi network is a wireless local area network (WLAN) that lets devices connect to the internet and talk to each other without wires. The Piso WiFi system makes a WiFi network that users can connect to with their smartphones, laptops, or other WiFi-ready devices.

Piso WiFi Admin

It is the person in charge of the Piso WiFi system. This includes setting up the network, looking after users, and keeping things working. Admins log into the router’s admin panel with to do things like making voucher codes and checking how the network works.

Piso WiFi Login

It is how users get into the internet service from a Piso WiFi system. They usually type in a voucher code or pay with the Vendo machine. Users connect to the WiFi network and go to a login page where they put in their voucher code to start using the internet.

Piso WiFi Portal

It is the website where users manage their internet access. This includes logging in with a voucher code and checking how much they’ve used. After connecting to the WiFi network, users are taken to the portal, where they can log in and control their internet sessions.

Public WiFi

It is wireless internet in places like parks, malls, and cafes. Piso WiFi is a type of public WiFi where you have to pay to use it. Public WiFi networks like Piso WiFi let people get online easily and often cheaper than mobile data plans.

Piso WiFi Setup

It is about getting the router, Vendo machine, and software ready to make Piso WiFi work. Setup includes connecting the router, setting up network things through the admin panel (, and making sure the Vendo machine works with everything.

Piso WiFi Management

It is about running the Piso WiFi system. This includes checking users, giving out vouchers, and looking after the network. Operators use the admin panel (accessed via to watch users, make reports, and set up network things.

Some Important Functions of Piso WiFi 

WiFi Service

WiFi service is wireless internet given to users. With Piso WiFi, this service is paid for and managed with a vending machine system. Places give WiFi service to get customers, while it lets them make money from this service.

User Management

User management is about tracking and controlling who uses the Piso WiFi network. This includes making and checking voucher codes, watching how much people use, and being fair to everyone. Operators use the admin part to manage users, set how long they can use, and say how much internet they get.

Internet Access

Internet access means getting onto the worldwide internet using the Piso WiFi system. It lets users look at websites, use social media, and get online services. Users get internet access from the Piso WiFi network by putting in a valid voucher code or paying.

Prepaid Internet

Prepaid internet is internet paid for before you use it. With Piso WiFi, users pay for the internet with vouchers or coins. Users buy the internet ahead of time, either with a voucher or coins in the Vendo machine.

Network Configuration

Network configuration is about setting up and keeping the technical parts of the Piso WiFi system. This includes IP addresses, safety things, and how much data you can use. Operators set up the network with the admin panel to keep it safe and working right.

Router Settings

Router settings are things set on the router to decide how it sends the internet, how people connect, and how safe it is. Get to router settings with to set things like the name people see (SSID), password, and rules to make sure the best service (QoS).

Local IP Address

A local IP address is a number given to things on a local network. is the usual local IP address for lots of Piso WiFi routers. People connect to the router with this address to get to the admin panel for network things.

Connectivity Solutions

Connectivity solutions are ways and things used to get the internet. This Unique WiFi uses vending machines to give public internet access. Places use it to offer internet that’s easy to get and cheap for people and the public.

What is piso wifi pause time app?

The Piso WiFi Pause Time is an application software which grants you to log in your internet connection. In today’s digital era Piso Wifi, a well-known and well establish Wi-Fi service in the Philippines, for its unique and user-friendly features.

The Pause Time feature available with piso wifi accessible via the gateway can become a game changer for budget-conscious users. This feature provides the users the control over their internet usage, to make sure they get the most out of their paid time.

The Pause Time feature in Piso Wifi is a complete approach to manage the internet usage. It allows users to pause their internet session, which stops the timer on their paid internet time. This especially useful in scenarios where you required to take a break and also don’t want to waste your remaining time.

The Pause Time cut down the network access temporarily and it can be sometimes daunting for users. However, it is suggested to inform users much in advance about the scheduled pause. This way the disruptions can be minimized, transparency has proven to be a valuable approach in maintaining a positive network environment.

To access this feature, you don’t have to install any additional software on your computer to perform these features. Users just required to connect to Piso Wifi and navigate to the gateway. Here you can see the option to pause your session. The process is as simple as that and user-friendly, making it accessible even to those who are not tech-savvy.

What is the piso wifi portal, and how to use it?

People willing to buy Internet through piso wifi must visit the portal to get the shared internet service. This portal appears when users enter “” as an IP address in their web browser. It will open the piso wifi login page where the admin can enter their credentials along with the option to access other features. Some of the options available at the portal are:

  • Pay your internet bills hassle-free.
  • Users who can get vouchers for the piso wifi also get the option to redeem and earn points through the portal.
  • The portal also gives the number for customer support so that users facing any issue can connect with the team and get solutions.
  • The portal also gives the option to pause and resume an internet connection. But it is available only if the admin enables the features.
  • One who wishes to change the wifi setting can check out the portal and make it possible.

Explain piso wifi pause time

As said, piso wifi is mainly to make the Internet affordable to people; what will happen if they don’t wish to use it at once? So, once the user purchases the buy time for the wifi but is not willing to use it simultaneously, there is the option of piso wifi pause time. The name suggests the user can pause the internet connection and restart it when required without paying for the pause time. It is pretty easy to go for the pause, and to do so, check out the below-given steps:

  1. Users must go for the piso wifi vendo as the option is available only in the admin settings. So, go to to enable the settings.
  2. Next, you need to enter the login credentials of the admin.
  3. Once you successfully get logged in, click on the top left corner of the screen. 
  4. The section has many options; you must select “Pause time” to enable the feature. Once you close the browser, the option to pause the Internet will be available.
  5. When users go to their portal, the pause time option would be available to help stop internet usage.

Pros & Cons Of Piso Wifi Pause Time


  • Piso wifi allows people to make money through their internet connection. If there is extra Internet, one can give it out as a subscription and start earning.
  • People who cannot afford a personal internet connection can try out the piso wifi to get Internet with little expense. So, instead of paying for the whole, pay for what you need and get internet access.
  • The piso wifi is available as a subscription, so if the user doesn’t like the connection, they can stop and go for the other one.
  • It also comes with a pause feature, so if the Internet is not used further and you are willing to use it after some time, it could be paused for future use.
  • It is possible to pay online and even on an hourly basis. 
  • Travellers who are coming to the Philippines and are willing to get an internet connection without buying any new sim card can also avail of this offer.


  • Users who don’t get admin control will find it challenging to go for piso wifi pause time and thus need to use it at once.
  • Finding legit vendors is challenging as many people run just to earn money and do not provide good service.
  • Users are often required to be around vending machines for using the internet as using their own space needs proper setting and equipment.
  • The piso wifi gives the option to use the internet with a limited budget but also has certain limitations.


  1. Why piso wifi pause time is not working?

    The pause time feature is enabled only with the admin settings. So, the user must have credentials to get the option and use it if there is no need for the Internet.

  2. Is piso wifi safe?

    Yes, many vendors are offering piso wifi in the form of subscriptions and vouchers. So, look out for the vendors and get a subscription to enjoy the Internet with limited access.

  3. How to start the piso wifi?

    Admin needs to visit the piso wifi login page and enter the credentials given to them. It is availed only after the voucher or subscription, or coin is purchased/inerted, and from here, users can manage their Internet.

  4. Can you reset the password?

    Admin needs to log in with credentials, select “Forgot password, ” and follow the process mentioned on the screen. It will allow using of simple passwords that are easy to remember.

  5. Are vouchers helpful in piso wifi?

    Yes, there are many vouchers available for using the piso wifi. So, the user who has it can enter the code and earn points which will help them to get free Internet and thus save good money.


In all, piso wifi has given an option where people in the Philippines can access the Internet while others can run it as a business. If one has the location and can set up computers, it is one of the ways to start a new business.

While others can install vending machines where entering coins, depending on usage, allows users to surf the Internet. People who cannot take a personal internet connection because of its high cost will find it the best option to get it within their budget.